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Value Added Services

With our range of value added services, we are there to support your needs. From managed NOC to fraud prevention to quick settlement solutions, we offer a full range of End-To-End services that let you focus on your core business.

The width and depth of our voice solutions enable us to tailor to your requirements without compromises.
Whether you want to simplify your routing deck or benefit from our best-in-class quality of service, Qatama has the solutions for all your international voice requirements.

Qatama is founded and operated by people who are deeply passionate about telecom. We bring transparency, simplicity, and value to a complex market.

We bring transparency, simplicity, and value to a complex market.


Network and Call Quality issues prevent you from focusing your attention where it’s needed most: supporting your business relationships. Without an effective NOC, persistent support issues lead to quality deficiencies, loss of revenue, and serious vulnerabilities that threaten your business.

Our NOC solutions enable you to meet demanding wholesale support requirements and gain full control of your technical monitoring and operations.


Frauds have always been present within the telecom industry. Fraudsters have invented numerous ways to use services for free, or siphon revenue. Techniques vary from FAS, Revenue Share Fraud, Traffic Pumping, Roaming Fraud, to Location Routing Number Fraud. Each scenario has different anomaly patterns that need to be detected and updated as fraudsters tweak their methods.

This is where our suite of fraud prevention solutions come to the rescue, detecting fraudulent activies and patterns quickly and autonomously.


Positive cash-flow is critical for wholesale voice. With ever increasing payment terms and and funding needs, smaller operators may miss opportunities due to funding requirements. Qatama funding steps in to bridge the gap between your invoice and payment.

end-to-end managed services

When you transfer your key internal functions to Qatama, you benefit from improved operations and financial performance, and increase your competitiveness and customer satisfaction through our broad services portfolio.

Our VAS Solutions

Value Added Services (VAS)

Our comprehensive approach makes setting up and running our VAS solutions as straightforward as possible, regardless of the complexity of the underlying requirements.

We pride ourselves for being able to support our partners and their entire journey. Our solutions are designed to help you make the most of your relationships and achieve business success.