International Voice

With +200 fixed and mobile direct connections and +1000 direct breakout destinations, Qatama is a recognised carrier partner for the voice market. Our truly global coverage allows us to terminate over 60 MILLION minutes PER WEEK.

The width and dept of our voice solutions enable us to tailor to our customers’ requirements without compromises.

Whether you want to simplify your routing deck or benefit from our best-in-class quality of service, Qatama has the solution for your international voice traffic.

Whether you want to simplify your business calling requirements or provide a reliable quality of service, Qatama has the right solution to fit your international voice traffic requirements!

Qatama Hubbing and Premium Traffic

At Qatama we understand retailers and their requirement for the highest levels of service.

Our Premium direct voice routing gives our customers the peace of mind that their calls will be terminated with quality at its core.

Tailored LCR (Least Cost Routing)

We understand that each customer has their unique and specific requirements.  For that reason, we offer multiple LCR options that fit your needs and budget.

All our LCR options allow you to drive value and come supported by our 24/7 dedicated routing team.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Quality of Service (QoS)

Our key focus. We strive to provide our customers a calling experience that provides the highest quality.  Our tailored voice solutions will ensure that you are heard clearly.