The Qatama Story

From small operators to large carriers, we help our partners navigate the ever-changing telecom landscape. That means we continuously innovate ideas into services – like our SIPassure service based on Open RTP. Enabled on all our routes, it confirms that your calls terminate on our directs.


A more purpose-driven partnership, with trust and transparency at its core. This is what matters most to us.

The word Qatama derives from the Inku language and means “to move with purpose.” It’s our guiding principle for all that we do.

We are pioneers of SIPassure open RTP routes. It’s enabled, by default, on all our directs. We are purposefully transparent about our routing. And we are proud of it. You have our assurance that your calls terminate on our directs. And, with our SIPAssure service, you can verify it. Call for call.

We are innovators of blocked CLI direct routes. We successfully launched the first blocked CLI routes by Central Asian Tier-1 carriers to offer a direct alternative to the gray market.

…Qatama derives from the Inku language and means “to move with purpose”.

With over 200 direct carrier interconnects and over 1000 direct breakouts, Qatama has the reach to get you where you need to go. Whether you are just starting or are an established carrier, our knowledge and solutions will help you grow your revenue and margin.



Our intimate knowledge of the industry and unparalleled access to emerging markets provide you a sustained advantage.


Our believe is that you build something lasting on quality. We demand and offer quality and speak open about it.


Efficiency is in our name. The word Qatama derives from the Inku language and means “to move with purpose”. It’s ingrained in our DNA and, along with our skills and passion, help us push boundaries.

our history


June 2013
Qatama is founded by telecom experts with a vast array of knowledge in retail and wholesale. The headquarter is in Ras Al Khaima, United Arab Emirates.
July 2013
Qatama establishes challenging directs to Central Asian carriers and becomes the go-to transit carrier for Afghanistan and the region. Along with local partners, Qatama launches targeted direct TDM initiatives to combat grey operators and increase carrier margin and revenue.
FEBruary 2014
Retail services are launched successfully in the Netherlands, France and the UK. Products are tailored for the African diasporas living in Europe. They offer a reliable and low-priced way to call home.
AUgust 2015
Qatama invests in Consulate Sys, a Application and Systems design company focused on providing IT solutions for Embassies and Foreign Missions around the world. Consulate Sys and Qatama combine their IT and telecom knowledge and launch an online visa application system pilot with the Government of Afghanistan.
MARCH 2016
Qatama launches SIPassure, a way for partners to verify that their calls were terminated on directs. All Qatama direct routes are open RTP by default.
June 2017
Qatama expands to over 120 direct carriers, over 60m minutes per month and revenues in excess of $25m per year with a trajectory of much further growth. The company expands into Value Added Services segment and Cloud Switching Solutions.